Symptoms Of And Treatments For Foot Neuroma

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Foot neuroma can be a very debilitating condition that affects your overall quality of life.  Fortunately, if you suffer from it there are a number of things that can be done to help give you some relief. The key is knowing that it is in fact the condition that is affecting you and seeking the help that only a professional can provide. Read on to learn whether or not this is the problem that you are facing and what steps you can take to treat it.

First, to know if this is the condition that you have you need to understand its symptoms. For many it can be difficult to describe what they are feeling. The most consistent description is that they feel as though there is a rock in their shoe, or that their sock is bunched up under the ball of their foot. Typically, this is felt between the third and fourth toes. For some with more advanced issues they can feel that they have a burning sensation in this area and other parts of the foot.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms you certainly should consider seeking the opinion of a professional, preferably a podiatrist who specializes in foot care. They will be able to examine your foot and determine if your symptoms are consistent with this condition. You always want the help of a professional to verify your concerns as they have the experience necessary to do so.

If it is found that you have this condition you can take a number of steps to alleviate some of the pain. Changing the type of shoes that you wear should be the very first step that you take. Wearing high heals, narrow shoes or flip flops can lead to various forms of damage to your feet. Eliminating these from your wardrobe can help reduce you pain from this as well as any other foot problems that you might have.

If you do not get the relief that you are looking for you may want to ask your doctor if you are eligible for cortisone shots. These shots can reduce inflammation as well as relax the nerves in the area. This naturally leads to a reduced pain level. Only a physician has the ability to determine if this is an appropriate measure to use to reduce your pain.

If you still do not get the relief you are looking for you should ask your doctor if surgery would be appropriate to treat your foot neuroma. Surgery would deaden the nerve so that it could not longer send pain signals to your brain. It is very beneficial to the large majority of sufferers, but as with any procedure there are risks involved. Other treatment options are on the Together Forever Changing Health blog posts.

If you believe that this condition is what has been plaguing you then it is time to see a doctor. There are things that can be done to help reduce your pain level. The key is getting the treatment that you need so you can live a life free from pain.

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