Treat Arthritis With Stem Cells

Thumb Arthritis

Arthritis can be very painful and it can make it difficult to move your joints. Arthritis happens when your joints become inflamed and this leads to pain and also stiffness. You might have a hard time getting going in the morning and it can be very hard to move. Treating arthritis can be tricky, and it can be hard to get permanent relief. One new and promising treatment is stem cell therapy which can end the pain of arthritis for good. Read the post on and here to learn more about stem cell therapy and how you can use it to treat your arthritis.

As you age, the cartilage that covers the ends of your bones begins to break down the bones actually start to rub together which can be incredibly painful. This rubbing of bone on bone leads to pain and stiffness. It also can lead to swelling and you might see redness around your joints. It becomes much harder to move and you don’t have the same range of motion that you used to have.

If arthritis runs in your family, you are more likely to end up with it, and your age can make make it more likely as well. Women are more likely to get arthritis and you are also more likely to get it if you are obese. Extra weight puts more pressure on your joints which makes it more likely that you are going to get arthritis.

Arthritis can make it more difficult to perform your daily activities and it can even prevent you from walking comfortably. Sometimes your joints can even become twisted. There are many different treatments for arthritis and one of the most common is taking pain medication. While pain medication can ease the symptoms, it isn’t that great for your body and can lead to stomach and liver problems.

Physical therapy can be helpful, but it takes work and won’t totally take the pain away. If your arthritis doesn’t respond to medication and therapy, your doctor might suggest surgery. You can have your joints replaced or repaired surgically, but there are risks that go along with having surgery.

A new and promising alternative to surgery and medication is stem cell treatment. With stem cell treatment, you use your own stem cells to heal and repair your damaged joints. Stem cells can actually completely heal and repair your cartilage, bone, ligaments and tendons, leaving you pain free and ready to enjoy life to the fullest.

Stem cells are injected into the affected joint and you can return to your normal schedule after you have the injections. You don’t have to deal with the risks of surgery and there is no recovery period needed. You won’t have to go through rehabilitation either.

If you are looking for a natural method of healing your arthritis that is also safe and doesn’t have side effects, you need to consider stem cell treatment. Arthritis is painful, but you don’t have to let it control your life.

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