Rudiments of Raccoon Removal and Control

Raccoon In A Building

As adorable as they may seem, the raccoon has been labeled a pest due to its poor manners when living so close to human dwellings.

Raccoons will typically knock over garbage cans, steal pet foods, carry diseases and generally make themselves a nuisance with their loud scampering and destruction of the infrastructure inside home.

The problem is especially common for those living in suburban communities, but it can even present itself in the middle of a big city. Which is why this article covers all the important points on raccoon infestations and how they can be survived and remedied with no loss of life or patience.

The most important thing to understand is that the problem can be complex. Simply laying down a trap or two will rarely get to the root of the problem. Raccoon removal services are the most effective way to be rid of the pest problem.

Meet the Masked Marauder

Raccoons are just below rats and mice as the most common pest encountered by humans. They have been living alongside human for many centuries now and have grown accustomed to taking advantage of handouts.

An expectant mother knows that the human home is the perfect place to raise a litter of young and will not hesitate to tear through roofing materials on her way to make a nest. If you have a raccoon nesting in your roof or attic, you can expect plenty of noise. There will also be droppings everywhere to indicate their presence.

Raccoons are tough and tenacious. They can locate the weakest point in a roof and create a small entrance, once inside insulation paper, air ducts and even plywood can be torn through on their way to a comfy home within your home. They can even break through screen doors to get to food supplies meant for your domestic pets.

They may even take a dip in the swimming pool and leave droppings floating around.

As irritating as all these habits can be the worst thing about the raccoon invaders is the diseases they can bring. In addition to rabies, raccoons can carry canine distemper which is potentially fatal to your dog.

Their droppings can carry ringworm and is passed into the human body through the air. Because raccoons produce dropping prolifically, this is the primary danger of having a raccoon presence.

Expelling the Invaders

Forget poisoning and setting up traps, these are ineffective at best. The only way to be sure the threat has been successfully removed is by going in after it. If there is a family of raccoons making themselves at home in your attic, raccoon removal services will find the nest and remove the mother and her young.

Trapping may be partially effective but only qualified removal services have the skill and experience in searching these cunning beats out and relocating their mischief. Attempting this yourself is also risky as a raccoon won’t be taken without putting up a fight.

If the raccoon problem is only an occasional or even frequent nightly visitor, trapping may be an effective solution.

In conclusion, getting an expert opinion on the extent of the problem at hand is the best way to provide an appropriate solution. For more information on professional raccoon removal services, talk to the experts at Swat Wildlife at

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