City of Ten Thousand Buddhas – Why You Should Visit

Buddhism is one of the most prolific religions in history. It is practiced by billions of people on multiple continents. There are Buddhist shrines worldwide that you can visit when you are on vacation. However, if you are more serious about this religion, you may want to consider learning more about a Buddhist community. There is one located in Northern California by the name of City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. If you have not heard of it, it’s in Mendocino County not too far from San Francisco. Whether you are in this region of America, or if you will be traveling through California soon, you may want to consider stopping by to learn more about this monastery.

Why Is This Buddhist Monastery In California?

This particular monastery is the result of the hard work of its founder Hsuan Hua. This individual studied what is called Chan Buddhism. His travels took him out to this area of the western United States. Originally, there was a state hospital there. More specifically, it was an asylum for the insane. Once it was closed down, the property became available for sale, leading to Hsuan Hua making the purchase decades ago. Since the mid-1970s, this has been a fully functional Buddhas monastery. They not only practice Buddhism, but they have a very unique community that is of great interest.

The Community At City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Located on a total of almost 500 acres, this monastery follows many specific principles and customs. In fact, Hsuan Hua used his Chan Buddhism upbringing to create six principles that lay the foundation for proper spiritual development. Some of these will address very well known ideologies such as telling people to not lie be selfish. It also teaches to avoid being selfish and to not pursue things for personal gain. Those that are there are divided up into groups of men and women. Commingling is not allowed, and modest clothing is worn at all times. They participate within the confines of this monastery and the many structures that are there.

Structures And Buildings At This Location

There are quite a few designated structures at this monastery. Some of them use the existing buildings that were there decades before. This will include the Five Contemplations Dining Hall, the Instilling Goodness Elementary schools, the Bell and Drum House, and also Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant where they are able to eat vegan food. All of the structures are used for some purpose related to allowing these people to follow the path of Chan Buddhism.

This monastery provides people in California with a unique look into the functionality of a Buddhist community. If you have not seen one before, or if you are thinking about pursuing a path that is related to Buddhism, this would be a great place to begin. If you do happen to be in the Bay Area, or somewhere in Northern California, it’s not that far to drive. It may be exactly what you are looking for in terms of your interest in Buddhism. At the very least, you can see an actual monastery that is designed to help people pursue a path of peace and hope.

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