Tips For Picking The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant In The Area

How do you go about finding an authentic Italian restaurant? For some people, it can be as much about the intimate ambiance and decor as it is the food. The setting to a restaurant certainly matters, but Italian food must be authentic. How do you know what establishment is going to make good on its claims? You have to look them up to even know. Sometimes you can tell quicky you’ve got a hit, like if you look up the top rated Italian restaurants in a particular city.

Let’s use the city in which I live as an example, Myrtle Beach. One of the best Italian restaurants here is a place called Villa Romana. It is the epitome of an authentic establishment, down to the ambiance, table settings, food, wait staff, decor and everything. These are the things you look for in an authentic Italian restaurant. Otherwise, you end up with food that tastes like it may have been scooped from a frozen tray.

Italian Pasta On A Plate

You don’t want basic Italian food, and you don’t want food that comes from a frozen tray. What does the restaurant make known to its guests that shows it has the real thing? You should be able to tell from its website, from the reviews, by looking at the outside when you pull up and the inside as you are seated. By the time you are greeted, you better be trusting your gut. In fact, trust your gut before then, prior to tasting any food that may not be what you expected.

One thing you can make sure of is to stay away from chain restaurants. There is nothing wrong with them at all, as some of them serve up great food. However, there are enough individual authentic Italian restaurants that have stellar reviews on the Blue Leaf Arts And Design site that serve up better food. Choose from among them, and leave places like Olive Garden off the table.

Places like Olive Garden and other chain restaurants you’ve been to mimic many actions of authentic establishments to create the scene and the experience. For example, the servers will come up to your table and offer you fresh grated Parmesan cheese. That’s great and all, but when it comes to judging authentic Italian restaurants, it all comes down to the food in the end.

Yes everything is important as mentioned, but the food rules. A place can talk all they want to about different things and provide you with a fancy atmosphere and swanky menu. Yet the restaurant has to be able to deliver when it comes to serving up the best Italian food. Served with a warm smile in an intimate setting, the best authentic Italian cuisine served with a wine pairing speaks for itself.

If you were at one of these authentic Italian restaurants right now, what would you order? My order would be lasagna, so you can just call me Garfield. Just be sure you pick a place you’re going to enjoy. Remember how delicious the desserts are at Italian restaurants so save room or take one home as a treat.

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